Deaf Girl

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Deaf Girl By Adesh Kumar

ISBN : 978-93-85137-78-5

No Of Pages: 152

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It was a dark, sad and a miserable day that Monday afternoon, even though it was sunny outside. The news that my caring, gentle mother had died suddenly from an undiscovered brain tumor was way too traumatic for me to handle. I remember my brother tightly hugging me as the ambulance came to take my mother away. I always thought he was the stronger one from the two of us.
But her death affected my father the most. He blamed himself for what had happened to her, and well three days later, there were two graves that needed to be occupied.
For me, I write songs and sing them to express my feelings. To let out my anger, pain and frustration, music was like an outlet of expressing feelings. It was the only way I could let go of the past, the painful past and be myself. But for my elder brother his outlet for frustration was drugs. He eventually died of overdose by the age of 23.
So here I am, 20 years old with no college degree, no money and no family.
All of the above is the reason that I live life with a very strict motto.
“Music is the most important thing in my life”.
It’s what keeps me going through the day. But all that changed. Everything I believed in and everything I thought I knew, changed when I met a deaf girl. I had nothing left to lose in my life until I met her.
So I find myself asking this question, Will she be the savior of my damaged heart or will she become the worst mistake I ever made?

Deaf girl| Adesh Kumar

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Deaf Girl By Adesh Kumar

ISBN : 978-93-85137-78-5

No Of Pages: 152


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