Poles Apart

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It all started with a kiss,a ferocious kiss that was meant to showcase the upper hand on him but that one kiss changed everything. And just like that I was in love with him.

I thought I knew all of him but he proved me wrong.

I despise him for his lies and betrayal and for what I had to endure because of him. But I hate myself more for still caring for him, still loving him.



I myself was not proud of what my reality was. I really despise and envied myself for everything I did except for one thing and I would never like to change that. Because of that one particular incident, I was able to cherish the wonderful feeling of falling in love with the most amazing girl I ever met. I don’t blame her for hating me when she found out my facade and now she was gone.

But I’ll get her back at any cost and never to lose her.