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A story that depicts the beautiful bond between a father and son. Junaid, a high school student and an aspiring cricket player falls prey to evil intentions when he trusts his close friend to help him achieve his dreams. What happens next? Is the bond between the father and son strong enough to save him from the Decoy? Or will Junaid give up? Read on the gripping tale to find out what unfolds.



Brief Note about Tina Chakraborty 
Tina is a fun loving and positive young girl who is currently working for an IT company. Based in Kolkata she is a writer by passion. Born and brought up in the City of Joy, a city know to be rich in culture and heritage, she says it was very natural for her to inherit the quality of literary writing. She loves to travel and is a huge fan of classical music. She aspires to be a writer who can move her readers with love, happiness and inspiration through her writings someday. Reach out to the author at NovelDecoy@gmail.com for your queries and suggestions.
Brief Note about Amiya Sen
He is an aspiring writer who loves to write stories on moral values and with social messages. Professionally, he is working in a top MNC and has been different states of India in last 14 years. Apart from writing, he loves to spend his spare time on reading, drawing, singing, traveling and listening to music. Write to the author via at NovelDecoy@gmail.com for your queries and suggestions.


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