Life On The Edge

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Arin, a boy from lower middle class family, is selected as Accounts Assistant in CPWD to serve in terrorist infested state of Jammu & Kashmir and posted at Srinagar. Despite a tough opposition from his mother, he joins there. Soon, during a terrorist attack his life is saved by a Kashmiri girl Suhana and he falls in love with her. His life turns upside down when his mother gets paralyzed due to brain attack and he’s summoned to Delhi, his home town, to meet his dying mother and to fulfill her last wish.

Then another girl, Chanda, comes into his life.

What happens to his first love Suhana and what role Chanda plays in his life, read Life On The Edge — a story of love, sacrifice, emotions, constraints, dashing of dreams, compromises and vested interests—where everyone is striving for themselves only.



A famous Ayurvedic Specialist (MD) by profession and a compelling writer by default, Rajeev Pundir has a penchant for scribbling his day-to-day experiences into words in the form of short stories, poems and novels. He writes in English and Hindi both. He’s the author of best-selling books- Saat Paheliyan and Aquarium in Hindi and Even God Does Not Know!, Song Of A Flying Sparrow and A Tracker And The Heart Stealer in English. Besides, his poems and short stories are published in various anthologies namely Melody Of Life, Crush-2, Flock: A journey, and Writing Bee.  He has been the Editor of two anthologies; Love A Sweet Poison-2 and ज़िंदगी: कभी धूप कभी छांव. His e-books –Tiny Tales, Wedding Vows, Metro Musings and समंदर can be read on Storymirror.com. He is the regular contributor of his stories, poems and write-ups to the online platforms like storymirror.com, Dawriter.com and Pratilipi.com.

His life and times have also been featured by Hindustan Times and Dainik Jagran.

He can be reached at: https://www.facebook.com/rajeevherbal

His Blog: withoutmaliceforoneandall.blogspot.com

Email: rajeevherbal@gmail.com





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