Our Dharma Between Us


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Release Date: 3 October 2017



Every love story has two endings, either the lovers meet or they don’t. The journey between the commencement and conclusion is different for everyone, and that’s your original story.Joydeep Singh, a sikh in his twenty-six, starts working as teacher and does voluntary service with his dad. A day comes when he comes across Pratik, a friend from his school. They meet after 4 years in the school.Being parted for a long time, they start discussing their old days. However, the name of Meenakshi drags Joydeep into some thick and thin memories of his life.Being in a live-in relationship for five years, and separating later, Joy illustrates his heart-rending story to Pratik.

How much does a thread of a hindu and a turban of a sikh matters in a marriage if Love if the biggest DHARMA?


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